Posted Friday, May 27, 2005

Epson Stylus Photo R2400 Appears to Be Shipping, and More Friday Fun

No, I don't have mine yet. But when the printer was announced, I put my name on a couple of "notify me when this item becomes available" lists.

Today's email brought notification from the Epson online store that the printer is in stock and shipping. Epson also appears to be offering free FedEx Ground shipping for orders in the United States.

Curious, I checked Amazon. It, too, lists the printer in stock and shipping, though its Web page is mangled and odd looking.

(Hey, Epson, I feel your pain—Amazon still hasn't restored the discount on my book, which is why I'm still suggesting folks buy from Barnes & Noble to get 30 percent off.)

As I noted the other day, I've ordered an R2400 from Inkjet Art Solutions in Salt Lake City, Utah. I eagerly await. I'm particularly excited about this printer's black-and-white capabilities, as I mentioned earlier this month.

When Vinyl Meets Podcast
A friend sent me a link to Vinyl Podcast, wherein host Cody plays a song from his vast collection of albums and singles. I've been digging his May 12 installment, in which he plays a tune called "Hunk of Heaven" by a 70s group named Lemuria.

The group seemed to come and go in a flash, but the song has stuck with me—it reminds me of the great R&B tunes I used to listen to on Pittsburgh's WAMO back in the late Seventies.

I hear tunes like this and I can just feel myself in my 1971 Super Beetle, its leaky sunroof open to the summer wind, its cheap Maaco paint job glittering, its four Ansa exhaust pipes rumbling with authority. A kid in his first car, free to roam the Tri-State area.

Have a great weekend, kids, and wear your seatbelts.