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Raw-image support in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Does Apple's cat support your camera's raw format? Find out here.

iPhoto smart album ideas–a nice collection from Macworld.

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto. It lacks the slick integration with iPhoto and its Faces feature, but it does provide some goodies that iPhoto lacks, including more privacy controls and the ability to upload not only photo titles, but captions, too.

iPhoto ColorSync Options—a technical support article from Apple that explains all. More or less.

BetterHTMLExport—Utility enhances iPhoto's export features to let you create fancier Web photo albums. (Here's a fine tutorial for creating HTML templates for BetterHTMLExport.)

Econ Technologies—Makers Portraits & Prints, a cool program that goes beyond iPhoto's printing features.

Posterino—This very cool utility lets you create posters containing hundreds of thumbnail images.

Exposing to the Right—Michael Reichmann on using your camera's histogram for optimal exposures. Don't miss Understanding Histograms, either.

The Digital Negative Format—my backgrounder on DNG

Printing Digital Images—a fine tutorial from the folks at Kodak.

iPhoto Library Manager—Create and switch between multiple photo libraries -- and much more -- with this utility.

Kodak—Creators of the PictureCD format. (I've heard they sell something called film, too.)

Unity Digital—Source of digital camera accessories, including media readers, memory cards, and battery packs.

Digital Imaging Sites

Digital Camera Resource Page—Featuring news, reviews, discussion forums, and articles on digital cameras.

Digital Photography Review—Another fine digital imaging site: reviews, articles, forums, and a great glossary of terms.

Digital Camera HQ—Reviews of cameras, plus buyer's guides and tips.

ScanTips—Great source of technical information and tips on scanning.

Online Photofinishers and Photo-Sharing Sites

Kodak Gallery, formerly known as Ofoto., one of the better general-purpose online photofinishers.

Flickr—The best photo sharing site combines photography with the latest geek technologies. Check out my photos. Here's a list of Flickr-related posts I've written. And don't miss this great directory of cool Flickr tools.

Mystic Color Lab—A fine old color lab that provides Internet and CD delivery. I used Mystic for years before going digital.—Upload photos, create albums, buy prints and gifts.

Sony ImageStation—Upload photos, create albums, send e-cards. And buy Sony products. ImageStation Magazine has some nice features and tips.

ClubPhoto—Online photofinisher that sells more offbeat photo gifts (photo-printed cookies, for example) than most others.

AmazingMail—Create real postcards using your images: upload images, they create the cards and mail them for you.

ImageEvent—Build albums, order prints and gifts. Feeling voyeuristic? Look at albums other users have published.

DotPhoto—Build albums, order prints. Interesting twist: you can also make your photos available for sale and search for photos that other users have made available.

Pixum—European online photo site.

99Photo—"Asia's 1st Online Full-Service Photo Bank"

FotoTime—Web photo albums, prints, and gifts. Mac users don't appear to be welcome—the service's software runs on Windows only.

More links to digital imaging sites—I couldn't begin to compile as complete a list as DCResource's. Look here for links to camera manufacturers and much more.

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