Posted Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's (Almost) On its Way: Epson R2400 Available for Pre-Ordering

I've been sporadically prattling about Epson's new Stylus Photo R2400 since it was announced earlier this month. Each morning, I check a few e-commerce sites to see if it's shipping.

Shortly after Epson announced the R2400, Utah-based Inkjet Art Solutions began taking names for a pre-order waiting list. I threw my name into the hat, and this morning's email brought the good news: the company is taking pre-orders.

According to the email, "It looks like the R2400 printers will be arriving near the beginning of next week (apparently the printers wanted Memorial Day off ;). We're opening up ordering on the printers so we can have the orders ready to go when the printers ship. Some good news: our vendor is going to be shipping them directly so we are able to offer the ground shipping for free."

Needless to say, when I read this, I put down my first cup of coffee and picked up my American Express card. I've placed my order, and if you're interested in doing the same, check out the company's order page for the R2400.

When my printer arrives, I'll publish the obligatory striptease photo shoot: unpacking, setting up, inserting all eight ink cartridges, and scrubbing ink off my hands with Lava soap—which is still made, and by the same folks who make WD-40. Who knew?

I'm psyched.