Posted Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Learn More About the B&W Capabilities of the New Epson Printers

Jeff Schewe of PhotoshopNews has posted a detailed look at the black and white capabilities of the new Epson R2400 inkjet printer, based on his experiences with pre-production models.

I want one. Oh, I want one.

Also well worth a listen: a 20-minute phone interview between Jeff and fellow photographer Greg Gorman. If you're serious about digital photography and print-making, you need to hear this.

Both Jeff Schewe and Greg Gorman are featured on our "Secrets of the Photoshop Masters Volume 2" instructional DVD, which also features UK-based fashion photographer Martin Evening. These guys are so brilliant in the ways of imaging that it's scary. (And by the way, we're still giving away this DVD for just the cost of shipping and handling. Get the details here.)

It takes a lot to impress guys like Jeff and Greg, and when they talk about the new Epson printers, it's clear—they're impressed.