What Photography Will Look Like By 2060

Posted Thursday, August 27, 2009

Popular Photography has published a fascinating and fanciful article on what photography will look like in 2060.

It is Sunday, July 18, 2060:

Old-Timers' Day, Yankee Stadium.

You're here with your old photoglove, getting some action shots from your seat in the upper deck without even putting down the $40 beer in your left hand. What would look to us like normal sunglasses are in fact camera-equipped goggles with a heads-up display on the inside of the right lens.

Pointing the index finger of the photoglove, which is impregnated with tiny pyramid-shaped crystal microlenses surrounding nano-sized image sensors, you draw a frame around each bit of action so that a window appears to float in front of your goggles.

It goes on. Good stuff.