Lighting: Green Scheme for iMovie '09 Fun

Posted Friday, May 15, 2009

Popular Photography's site has a nice little piece on a $249 lighting kit that looks perfect for use with iMovie '09's new green-screening feature (you know, that feature that lets you do the "weather forecaster standing in front of a map" thing).

The Photo Basics uLite Video Lighting Kit includes two lights with softboxes (which, true to their name, provide a diffused, even light -- important for getting good green-screen results), and what looks like a generous bolt of green fabric, complete with stands for supporting it. It looks nice, not just for green-screening, but for all your interior lighting endeavors.

The article contains a couple of nice lighting tips, too. Check it out, and have a green weekend!

Monday's the day! Me, I'll be parked in front of my Mac most of this weekend, because the iLife '09 edition of my book goes to the printer on Monday. The word "yay" only begins to approximate my delight. The new edition will be the most beautiful yet. See the sidebar at right to pre-order yours!

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