New iPhone Apps for Flickr, iTunes, Apple TV

Posted Thursday, July 10, 2008

There's a world of new hand-held applications to explore now that Apple has opened its App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch. Right now, only the new, 3G iPhone can run these apps, but a software update is coming that will enable the original iPhone and the iPod touch to run them, too.

As a slobbering Flickr addict, I can't wait to try Exposure, from Connected Flow -- the same company that sells the Flickr Export plug-ins for iPhoto and Aperture. Macworld's iPhone Central has the details.

I'm also eager to start using Apple's free Remote, which turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a remote control for iTunes and the Apple TV.

You'll need the newly released iTunes 7.7 to buy from the App Store, but you can browse it using older iTunes versions.

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