Now In Progress: Polaroid Week 2008

Posted Monday, April 21, 2008

Polaroid photo

Originally uploaded by jimheid
Over on Flickr, 'Roid Week 2008 has begun. It's a five-day celebration of Polaroid instant photography -- and, for those of us who have become addicted, a sad mourning for the format's apparent demise. (Polaroid has announced that it will stop making instant films over the next next year.)

Becoming smitten by low-fidelity "instant" photography in a digital age is a weird thing: you buy a $4 Polaroid Spectra at a local thrift shop, and find an expired pack of film on eBay (expired film often produces odd and unpredictable color shifts, as shown here).

Then you scan the result with a $500 scanner, touch up the dust specks with Adobe Photoshop CS3, and post the result using a $3000 computer.

Hey -- no one ever said photography had to make financial sense.

Happy 'Roid Week!