Improve the Readability of Any Web Page

Posted Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't like to read long articles on the Web? You aren't alone.

Readability relief is at hand, thanks to an incredibly cool tool named, incredibly enough, Readability.

Using it couldn't be easier. Make some settings (the default settings worked fine for me), then drag its button up to your browser's bookmarks bar.

When you arrive at a Web page containing a lengthy article, click the Readability button on your bookmarks bar. You'll love the result.

Happy reading!

Speaking of reading. My iLife '09 book is at the printer! We shipped on Monday, and the presses are rolling even as I type. Look for it in stores within a couple of weeks. I'm wrapping up a couple of projects in advance of the US Memorial Day weekend, but next week I'll start posting some excerpts. Meantime, pre-order your copy on Amazon; see the sidebar at right.