A TidBIT About Adding Tables to iWeb Pages

Posted Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In the latest issue of TidBITS, the must-read weekly Mac e-newsletter, Steve Sande follows up on his earlier review of Apple's iWeb 1.1, writing: "Several readers pointed out one serious shortcoming of iWeb 1.1 that wasn't listed in the article - the inability to insert and edit tables. While this shouldn't affect iWeb's target audience frequently, it is a glaring omission for those who wish to use iWeb to develop and maintain small business Web sites."

It's true that iWeb doesn't have a table editor like those of Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages (which is part of iWork '06). You can't create a table of, say, your company's price list or your little league's team standings.

But where there's a Clipboard, there's a way. If you create a table in Word or Pages, you can copy and paste it directly into an iWeb page. Simply select the table in Word or Pages, then switch to iWeb and choose Edit > Paste. iWeb retains all of the table's formatting—even any borders and shading that you may have added to table cells.

You can also select a range of cells in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and paste them into an iWeb page as a table.

So, no, iWeb doesn't have a table editor. But that doesn't mean you can't furnish your Web pages with tables. Just paste them in!