Posted Monday, December 12, 2005

A Possible Fix for the 15-inch PowerBook "Audio Echo" Problem

Last month, I wrote that I'm having the "audio echo" problem with my new 15-inch PowerBook. It's a nasty problem that makes Apple's newest 15-inch PowerBook all but unusable for audio applications.

There may be good news to report—yesterday's mail brought this possible fix:

"I bought a new Powerbook 1.67GHz 15" a couple of weeks ago. And I also had problems with the audio echoing and gaining for a couple of seconds. I'm currently writing a IAX Soft phone program for the Mac, so I was convinced that it had to do with my program. But I finally found a solution. Delete the settings file that you find in /Library/
Preferences and reboot. I used the terminal app to delete it, but it should work from [the] Finder as well."

Veddy interesting. I'm attending a conference and haven't had time to test this (I hope to get to it tonight). But I thought I'd pass it along in the meantime.

If it works for you, please let me know!