Posted Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Finally! Watch Some QuickTime Excerpts from My Book's DVD

Okay, so sometimes my marketing efforts take longer than they should. I've been wanting to post some QuickTime movie excerpts from the instructional DVD that accompanies The Macintosh iLife '05, but it's taken me a while to get around to the grunt work involved in doing so: extracting the video clips from Final Cut Pro, compressing them, uploading them, building links.

I finally got my act together, and am happy to present upwards of 20 minutes of excerpts from my book's two hour, 43-minute DVD. You'll find tips for the iPod, instructions for doing levels adjustments in iPhoto, tips for using iPhoto 5's Calendar pane, a look at iMovie HD's Magic iMovie feature, tips for working with GarageBand 2's pitch-correction feature, and more.

Check them out and read more about the Milky Way's top-selling iLife book: 345 beautiful full-color pages and nearly three hours of video instruction. Then consider ordering your own copy of The Macintosh iLife. It's only $23.09 on Amazonó34 percent off the cover price.