Posted Thursday, August 11, 2005

Amazon Discount's Back, and Some Cool (Free) iDVD Themes

Now we can all breathe again.

Amazon has again restored the 34 percent discount on my book.

And woot! What a lovely new reader review on Amazon: "This is an extraordinary book!! It will be at my side constantly as I learn all the intricacies of ILife '05. There are so many tips; it is written in a logical fashion, with a humorous touch. Easy to read; easy to understand; it's been invaluable for me to learn all the intricacies of iLife—which you would NEVER discover on your own!"

Don't have it? Order it! Have it? Order one for a friend!

Themes for iDVD
But lest you get the idea that this site exists only so that I might have a stage upon which to toot my own horn: iThemez has announced a new family of themes for iDVD, and the first batch is free, free, free.

The first two themes are Independence Day (flag, USA map) and Slot Machine (one-armed bandit whose wheels—what are those fruit-painted rotating parts called, anyway?—are drop zones).

Patriotism and gambling: something tells me Bill Bennett is going to love this company. Anyway, the themes are cute and worth checking out.

Happy Birthday, Bill!
No, not Bill Bennett. My big brother Bill Heid celebrates a birthday today. Show him some love and explore his critically acclaimed library of jazz and blues CDs. This guy can play.