Posted Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tonight on Point & Click Radio: GPS, Geoblogging, Geotagging, Map Making (and Wanted: A Mac GPS Guru)

On tonight's edition of Point & Click Radio, we'll be talking location, location, location. That is, we'll be exploring the world of GPS. It has led to an explosion of cool Web applications, including the ability to make your own maps.

My guest in the studio will be Rich Owings, author of GPS Mapping: Make Your Own Maps.

And I'm putting out a request: Rich's book is very Windows-centric, and there's a (sad) reason for this: much of the cool location-related software that's out there is available only for Windows.

But I know there's cool GPS and mapping stuff available for the Mac, and if you're a GPS guru who uses a Mac, I'd like to get you on the air tonight to talk about it. Email me and let's set it up.

Point & Click Radio airs at 7 pm Pacific time on KZYX and KZYZ, Mendocino County Public Broadcasting. We simulcast live via RealAudio, and an archive of the show will be available within several days.

Update: I'm happy to say that we'll have a second guest during the second half of the show: Nathan Torkington. Nathan was co-chair of O'Reilly Media's Where 2.0 conference, which took place last month and, true to its name, is all about location-based technologies and services. It should be a great show, so tune (or stream) in!