Posted Monday, July 18, 2005

It Had to Happen: Flickr Spam

I suppose it was inevitable. Over the weekend, a blatant case of Flickr spam appeared. This Flickr member has uploaded exactly one "photo," and it's a lame advertisement for Web design services.

It gets worse.

After creating this "photo", the spammer added it to several Flickr photo pools, including the Macintosh pool.

And look! This discussion thread points out that the photo's imagery is ripped off from Corbis: you can see the Corbis watermark across the illustration.

Ah, but let us revel in the Flickr community: Other Flickrites have added some pretty funny tags and comments to the photo. You can't do that with email-based spam.

The spammer is 27, female, and single, and based in Dubai, UAE. "And our slogan is High quality, challenging projects, so challenge us we love challenging projects as well as we keep our promises and time keeping."