Posted Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Flickr on the Radio Tonight, Plus a Cool Site About Photo Booths

No, this site isn't turning into a Flickr blog. But I am awfully fond of the photo-sharing site, and on tonight's edition of Point & Click Radio, Bob Laughton and I will be talking to Bryan Partington, who is traveling across North America and meeting Flickr users and (of course!) taking photographs along the way.

Partington is currently in San Francisco, and he'll be joining us by phone. You can listen live via RealAudio at the KZYX Web site; our show begins at 7 pm Pacific time. We'll post a downloadable archive of the broadcast within a week or so. (And with any luck, not to mention a moment or two of spare time, we'll be podcasting soon.)

A Great Blog About Photo Booths
A Second Chance to SmileEarlier this week, I posted the photo shown here on Flickr. That's me sitting on my sister's lap; these were taken around 1967. The original was horribly faded, and I'd always wanted to scan and restore it.

In the course of exploring the Web for information relating to photo booths, I came across The Photobooth Blog. If you've ever ducked into a photo booth for a quick snapshot (and maybe a smooch), you'll dig this site. I want a photo booth of my own.

Back to work; don't forget to listen to Point & Click Radio tonight!