Posted Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Tip for Downloading iTunes 4.9, and Yet Another Cool Flickr App

Apple has released iTunes 4.9, a minor update that will be major for minor broadcasters. iTunes 4.9 adds support for podcasts, those roll-your-own radio shows that are being embraced by everyone from Wayne and Garth to Clear Channel Communications.

I went through Apple's Web site to download the new version, and after five minutes, the download had yet to begin. It's a safe bet there's a serious digital traffic jam at Apple's servers.

Ah, but the road is broad and clear if you take a different route: Mac OS X's Software Update system preference. My copy of iTunes 4.9 is dribbling in even as I type.

One more tip: In the interest of hanging on to the past, I renamed my iTunes application icon to "iTunes 4.8." That way, it won't be deleted and replaced by the new version. One never knows: there could be good reasons to hold on to the older version.

Make a Steenkin' Badge for Flickr
My friend and radio colleague Bob Laughton turned me on to yet another wacky application for the I-might-just-love-it-too-much Flickr photo sharing service.

The Flickr Badge Maker lets you create an official-looking identification badge bearing a photo from Flickr and other text.

Enter the URL of any public photo on Flickr, type a few lines of information, and a minute later, you have a badge, complete with a meaningless barcode (if that isn't redundant).

One of these badges could be just the thing for the next Flickr meetup in your area. It could also be a swell way to become the star of an extraordinary rendition, so be careful how you use your badge. If someone from Homeland Security tries to throw a black cloth bag over your head, just say, "Dude! I was just having fun with Flickr while listening to a podcast!"

And send me a postcard from Syria.