Posted Thursday, June 23, 2005

Is This Guy Living at the Apple Store?

Okay, so this is just weird.

Yesterday, I uploaded a photo to Flickr that shows me speaking at the Apple Store in San Francisco on Tuesday. There's something funny in the photo: as I speak my profound wisdoms, you can clearly see a guy in the audience using a Windows laptop with earbuds planted in his ears.

Being a good Flickr citizen, I added the tag "applestore" to the photo to assist folks who are looking for photos of Apple stores.

Being a good procrastinator, I then took the next step: I went looking for photos that other Flickr members have taken of Apple Stores.

And look what I found: a photo, taken at the San Francisco Apple Store on June 17, five days before my appearance, that appears to show the same guy sitting in the theater using the same laptop.

In the above photo, the circular inset is from the June 17 photo. We don't see the guy's face, but the hair is the same and the Windows laptop is the same. Check out both photos—you be the judge.

Memo to Apple: you might consider charging rent to this dude.