Posted Thursday, June 30, 2005

From My Bookmarks: Some iTunes 4.9 Podcasting Links

Got iTunes 4.9? Here are some handy links to good articles, tips, and other resources.

Apple support articles about podcasts and iTunes 4.9—about podcasts, Frequently asked questions, browsing and downloading podcasts, listening to and managing podcasts, "I can't subscribe to a podcast"

iTunes 4.9 First Look—from Playlist magazine. Also see these notes from Playlist's Chris Breen

Complete Guide to iTunes 4.9, with Podcasts—from iPodlounge

The iPod and podcasting—what the new iPod updater brings to podcasting, by Kirk McElhearn

iTunes and podcasting—some interesting reader comments from the always-interesting

iTunes 4.9 and AppleScript–AppleScript changes in iTunes 4.9 from the one who'd know better than anyone, Doug Adams. (Be sure to keep tabs on Doug's site if you use iTunes AppleScripts intensively.)

Create your own podcast in GarageBand—a simple recipe for cooking up your own.

Steve Jobs on iTunes 4.9—a transcript of an interview with