Posted Monday, May 16, 2005

Not-So-Mass Storage: the PlusDeck Puts a Cassette Deck in Your Computer

I so wish I could put one of these in my G5: the PlusDeck is an analog cassette deck that fits into a PC's drive bay. Its bundled recording software runs under Windows only, though if I interpret the company's poorly translated Web site correctly, it will work with a Mac—you just have to use your own recording software. (The company says it's working on Mac software, too. It doesn't say how you'd get one of these into a G5's cheese grater of a front panel.)

The PlusDeck looks like it'd be ideal for archiving old analog tapes. You can also record Internet audio to cassettes—handy for car listening. Here's a review.

Sure, you can connect a stereo cassette deck to your computer and do these same things. But this—this is much geekier, not to mention more convenient for people who need to do a lot of archiving.

Via the folks at Create Digital Music, who also want an 8-track tape bay.