Posted Thursday, January 27, 2005

Understanding the Two Flavors of iPhoto 5 Slide Show

Over on Macintouch, reader Arthur Busbey complains that iPhoto 5's Slideshow button is disabled when you're viewing a shared photo library: "When I mount a shared volume the Slideshow icon is grayed out and unselectable. I tried this with shared albums and with shared slide shows. It appears that in iPhoto '05 you cannot make slide shows of shared images. For me this is a major disaster."

The reality is more subtle and not nearly as grim. To understand it, you need to come to terms with the fact that iPhoto 5 provides two different kinds of slide shows. Let's call them permanent and temporary.

A permanent slide show is one that you create with the Slideshow button: it hangs around in the Source pane of your iPhoto window, and you can apply all the slick new iPhoto 5 slide show features to it: Ken Burns, local effects, different transitions and durations for each image, and so on.

As Arthur discovered, you can't create a permanent slide show using shared photos. When you think about it, that makes sense: how can iPhoto record what your image-by-image settings are if the images aren't stored in your local library?

On the other hand, a temporary slide show is one that iPhoto 5 displays when you click the little play button in the lower-left corner of the iPhoto window. A temporary slide show doesn't hang around. Like a bad Broadway show, it plays once and then vanishes. You can't apply manual Ken Burns settings to its images, nor can you specify per-image durations, transitions, and effects.

Ah, but here's where we put a smile on Arthur Busbey's face: you can create a temporary slide show using images from a shared library. Give it a try: connect to a shared library and then click the play button. To show only some of the shared photos, select them before clicking play.

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