Posted Friday, January 21, 2005

Flickr Exporter Doesn't Work in iPhoto 5 (UPDATED)

One of the things that makes the Flickr service so enjoyable for me is the ability to upload photos directly within iPhoto.

This capability is due to the efforts of Fraser Speirs, the creator of FlickrExport, an iPhoto plug-in that adds a Flickr tab to iPhoto's Export dialog box. (See an annotated screen shot of the plug-in.)

Unfortunately, FlickrExport doesn't work in iPhoto 5. In fact, it breaks exporting entirely -- you have to uninstall FlickrExport to get the Export dialog box back again.

In the Macintosh group at Flickr, Spiers reports that his copy of iLife '05 won't be arriving for at least a week. Until then, Flickr users should either postpone upgrading to iPhoto 5 (horrors!) or use Flickr's standalone Mac uploader.

Note to Apple: You should send Fraser a copy of iLife '05 as soon as possible. The Macintosh group is one of the most active groups on Flickr, and that's due in part to his heroic efforts.

UPDATE! Wow, things move quickly in this biz. Less than an hour after I wrote this post, Fraser had updated FlickrExport to work with iPhoto 5. I just tested version 1.2b2 (see the flower conservatory photo at right), and indeed, it purrs. Grab it, and show Fraser a little PayPal love while you're at it. It's a Good Day.