Posted Wednesday, September 22, 2004

iTunes Affiliate Adventures: Deep Linking is Now Available

I've been on the road at various speaking engagements, so I'm not sure when this happened. But it has: If you're a member of the iTunes affiliate program, you can now create affiliate links to specific artists, songs, and albums.

I'll take advantage of this to point you to an absolutely great song on a new album of remixes from the vaults of the legendary Blue Note label. The album is called Blue Note Revisited, and the song is a remix of a Horace Silver tune called Won't You Open Your Senses. It's everything a Blue Note remix should be: jazzy, hip, updated.

I discovered this album while auditioning some CDs at a Hear Music outlet in Berkeley. But was I going to pay $17 for a CD that contained only a few tracks I really wanted? Of course not. I made a mental note of which tracks I wanted, then bought them for 99 cents apiece when I got home.

Alas, one of the tracks I want is available only when you buy the entire album. I hate when that happens. The devil on my left shoulder is telling me to fire up AcquisitionX and go looking for it.

The angel on my right shoulder hasn't offered its opinion yet.