Posted Monday, August 09, 2004

Photo Phood! Some Links for Edible Ink and Paper

Every now and then, I order a batch of Snapshot Cookies from ClubPhoto. The cookies aren't exactly the organic, free-range variety, but they're fun and always get a lot of smiles.

A growing number of sites and services offer edible prints of one kind or another, and you can even order edible ink-jet paper and ink.

Here are a few sites I've found in my research.

David's Edible Inkjet Paper. Paper you can eat. To quote the site: "A special paper used in cake decorating. Just print your full color image on this 7" x 10" edible surface which is mounted on an 8.5" x 11" paper carrier. Slide off paper onto top of cake and ice around the edges. Paper with image printed is edible. FDA approved. Imagine your perfect full color picture on top of a cake." (Scroll to the very bottom of the page.)

IQ Durable's Edible ink. IQ Durable is a Phillipines-based company that sells a variety of edible inks. The site has an interesting backgrounder on the process of printing on food.

PhotoFrost Edible Ink and Printers. No, the printers aren't edible, but you can use them to print edibles. And yes, kosher formulations are available.

KopyKake. Here's an extensive site dealing with many aspects of edible imaging. They sell pens containing edible ink as well as edible inkjet ink and much more.

Tasty Foto Art. Sells ink, printers, scanners, and more.

The PhotoCake system. Looking to add photo phood to your bakery's product line? Check out the PhotoCake system of printers and supplies.

Many of the edible ink systems rely on a carrier sheet. You begin by installing edible ink cartridges in your printer. (Canon printers seem to be the most widely supported.) Then, print on the special "frosting sheets" instead of paper. Finally, lay the frosting sheet atop a frosted cake, and the ink is absorbed by the frosting. Just add Rolaids!

Disclaimer: I haven't tried or eaten any of these products. I'm just researching and reporting. If you have experience with these or any other edible output options, let me know.

Bon appetit!