Posted Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A Quick Look at iTunes 4.6

Apple has shipped iTunes 4.6 -- you can get it through your Software Update system preference or by downloading it from Apple's Web site.

The big news is iTunes 4.6 is support for the as-yet-unavailable AirPort Express base station. In iTunes 4.6, the preference tab formerly known as Effects is now called Audio. Click it, and you'll see a new option that enables iTunes to look for AirPort Express base stations.

Apple says iTunes 4.6 has "other minor improvements," but at first glance, they aren't obvious. I did notice that the File menu command formerly known as "Publish Playlist to Music Store" now reads "Create an iMix." Minor indeed.

Find something else of note? Let me know, and I'll share it here.

Oh, and contrary to rumors, there is no liquid cooling in iTunes 4.6.

The book, however, is red-hot. I got my first author's copy of The Macintosh iLife '04 yesterday, and it's a vision of beauty. I'll post some PDF and video excerpts soon.