Posted Friday, June 04, 2004

The Morning After Zero7, Restoring Your Old VHS Tapes

Greetings from San Francisco, where bride and I are still bopping our heads after a great night of music from Zero7, which we saw live at the Fillmore. What a great band -- rich orchestrations, great beats, superb vocals. I've been a fan for years and it was a real treat to see them live.

(And everything you've heard about the Filmore's snotty staff is true -- they act like they are truly doing you a grand favor by allowing you to draw breath under their roof.)

Anyway, just a quick link today, this one to a feature that I wrote for a recent issue of Macworld. The feature is called From VHS to DVD, and it deals with an increasingly popular topic: capturing old movies into the Mac and burning them to DVD.

I also cover this subject in detail in The Macintosh iLife '04 book and DVD, which still ship next week, according to Amazon. Pre-order your copy, then go listen to some Sophie Barker.