Posted Thursday, May 13, 2004

Newsreader Users: Those Stinking Ads Aren't Mine

Today, a colleague who has subscribed to this site's XML feed wrote to point out that his newsreader (the superb NetNewsWire) was displaying advertisements along with the feed from this site.

Those ads are coming from an Atom-to-RSS conversion service that I'm forced to use because dad-blamed Blogger doesn't create RSS feeds.

I'll soon be switching to a different feed service or paying a fee to the conversion service to disable those ads.

In the meantime, accept my apologies and please note that those ads aren't coming from me. They just appear to be. Sigh.

Oh, and if the previous paragraphs meant nothing to you, they should. RSS and newsreaders have transformed the way I get my information over the Internet. Check out NetNewsWire and join the fun.

Oh, part two: If you're wondering why I'm not using the more powerful Movable Type blogging tool, it's mainly due to a combination of laziness and lock-in. The RSS issue aside, Blogger works fine for me, and I'd rather spend my time taking photos than futzing with new blogging software. As for lock-in, I'm building a large library of posts that would be cumbersome and time-consuming to move into Movable Type. Enough said.