Posted Wednesday, January 21, 2004

GarageBand On the Radio Tonight
I don't mention it here often enough, but I co-host a computer radio show called Point & Click Radio on our local public radio station here in the spectacular boonies of California's Mendocino County.

On any Wednesday when my schedule permits, I drive 25 minutes through gorgeous redwood groves and past world-class wineries to downtown Philo, California (population: about 400). There, I join my good friend Bob Laughton, who has been heroically hosting Point & Click Radio for over seven years.

Mendocino County has been thinking different for a lot longer than Apple has been selling computers, and it's decidedly Mac country. I don't have statistics, but I'd bet a PowerBook that there are more Macs here than there are Windows computers. Given that and the fact that Bob and I are both Mac lovers, Point & Click often has a strong Mac focus.

Tonight will be no exception. Tonight we'll be demonstrating Apple's hot new GarageBand software. We'll walk listeners through the process of creating a GarageBand song from scratch.

It should be a fun show, and if you aren't fortunate enough to live within KZYX listening range, you can listen live on the Internet using the RealOne player. Our show airs at 7:00 pm Pacific time. You'll find a link to the live stream on the Point & Click Radio home page.

See you on the radio!