Posted Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Amazon Is Now Giving Away My Book/DVD

Well, not quite. But Amazon has discounted the book even more -- it's now selling for 35 percent off the cover price, more than it's ever been discounted before.

The Macintosh iLife: An Interactive Guide to iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD can now be yours for $19.49 -- $10.50 off the cover price. That's $19.49 for a full-color book and a 90-minute training DVD that works together with it. And it's eligible for free shipping on orders of more than $25. (The answer: buy two!)

I don't usually blatently plug the book in these postings (oh, I plug it alright, but with a bit more subtletly, or so I like to think). But 35 percent off -- such a deal! I thought you'd want to know, what with the holidays right around the corner and all.

And after you buy, don't forget to get your free iTunes 4 and iTunes Music Store update. 18 full-color pages, same beautiful design as the book. Your free PDF awaits you.