Posted Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Look at What's New at the iTunes Music Store: A "Just Added" Area

I was researching -- yeah, that's it, researching -- the iTunes Music Store yesterday when I discovered that Apple has added a new feature: A "Just Added" area that lists exactly what music has been added over the past few weeks.

What's New screenTo access the Just Added area, click the Just Added link. You'll find it under the "Inside the Music Store" heading of the store's main screen.

It's in the Just Added area where you'll learn that, as of this week, Tony Orlando & Dawn's greatest hits are now available for your purchasing pleasure. (And a side note: If you click on that link, you'll see iTunes lists the artist for this album as "unknown." Either there's a problem with how Apple has assigned song information to those tunes, or someone at Apple doesn't think there's any artistry in TO&D's music. I vote for the latter.)

The "Just Added" area is a great way to get a quick looksee at what's new. Now back to my research.