Posted Monday, June 16, 2003

Free Update to My Book! Full Coverage of iTunes 4, iTunes Music Store, and New iPods

Together with the marvelous BayCreative, I have just finished an 18-page update to my book. The new update covers iTunes 4, the iTunes Music Store, and the new iPods. And it's free -- my way of saying "thanks" to everyone who has participated in the grand experiment of combining a book and an instructional DVD.

As you can see, the update shares the book's gorgeous, full-color design. Print it out, tuck it into your copy of The Macintosh iLife, and just like that, you're completely up to date.

To get your copy of the update, just go to my sister site (not to be confused with my sister's site),

While you're there, read all about iDay 2003 -- we at Avondale Media have teamed up with IDG World Expo to bring our acclaimed one-day digital media seminar to New York during the Expo!