Posted Friday, May 09, 2003

Radio Radio: A Couple of Heid Interview Archives

Hosts of computer radio shows continue to make the mistake of thinking that I'd make a good guest. I've been on a couple of shows recently, and archives of those programs are now available. Having trouble sleeping? Take a listen.

Digital Village, May 3. Hosts Ric Allan and Doran Barons grill yours truly and Bob LeVitus about the new iTunes 4 and more. Listen with RealPlayer.

Your Mac Life, April 23. Host Shawn King and I chat about iLife and about "The Macintosh iLife" book/DVD. Download an MP3 or stream the archive using QuickTime.

I always have fun doing radio and TV. On many Wednesdays, I co-host Point & Click Radio, a weekly show that airs on Mendocino County Public Broadcasting.