Posted Monday, May 05, 2003

Meanwhile, Back in iMovie...

While Apple touts its well-deserved success with the iTunes Music Store, there are developments elsewhere in the iLife world.

Virtix, makers of some extremely cool effects add-ons for iMovie and other video-editing packages, has just added another. The company's iBubble greatly enhances iMovie's text-titling features.

With iBubble, you can position a text title anywhere within the video frame. You can also -- and here's where the funky name originates -- create cartoonist-like speech bubbles and thought bubbles, as shown here.

So while those 472 songs you bought are downloading, check out iBubble and the rest of Virtix's product line. And stay tuned to this channel for reports on the new iPods, much more on iTunes 4 and its music store, and more.