Posted Thursday, April 24, 2003

You've Got Questions. Radio Shack Has Turntables.

A reader writes:

"Loved the new book and the DVD! It has a plethora of information that
is a great help to me and is reasonably priced.

I need to ask you a question and I hope you can help! Where one can
purchase a phonograph turntable that has pre-amp built in? I would like
to transfer my vinyl record collection as you demonstrated on the DVD
to CD."

First of all, thanks for the kind words! Now to your question.The turntable that I use in the DVD is a $99 model made by RCA and sold by Radio Shack. It isn't the finest turntable in the world, but if you want to digitize old vinyl records that have already been through the mill, it's a good, inexpensive choice.

And yes, this turntable has a built-in preamplifier, which means you can connect it directly to your Mac's audio-input jack -- no need to go through a stereo system or external pre-amp first.

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