Posted Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Now Playing On Your iPod: FM Radio

Will the cool toys never stop coming from Griffin Technology? I hope not.

Today, the company announced its iFM add-on, an FM radio tuner that plugs into your iPod. The iPod's remote control handles tuning and other functions. (The 10GB and 20GB iPod models include a remote, and one is available for older, 5GB models.)

iFM joins Griffin's iTrip, an FM transmitter that lets you beam your iPod's audio signal to any FM radio -- for listening on your car stereo, for example.

iFM and iTrip have one more thing in common: neither are shipping yet. iTrip (the transmitter) is scheduled to be available before June 21, and iFM (the FM tuner) is slated to ship this summer.