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Free iMovie HD 6 chapter. Still using the older iMovie HD 6? This 7.5MB PDF file is the entire iMovie HD 6 chapter from the previous edition of my book. Pass it around!

iMovie camcorder support. iMovie '09 supports more video formats than any earlier version. Learn more here.

iMovie keyboard shortcuts. As I say in the book, iMovie's keyboard shortcuts can help you edit faster and more efficiently. Learn them and love them.

New audio tips. An Apple tutorial on the new audio features added to iMovie 7.1.

New editing tips. An Apple tutorial on the new editing features added to iMovie 7.1.

iMovie '08 Library Compressor. Interesting (and free) utility that compresses DV video in your iMovie event library so that it uses less disk space. Read about it at Macworld's site.

Masking video in iMovie. "How to create masks in iMovie using PNG images created in Photoshop. Essentially, iMovie is tricked into thinking the PNG image is standard text with an alpha layer." More background here.

Digital Video Sites

Share your iMovie projects with the world.

iMovie & iDVD Visual QuickStart Guide
An informative site from iMovie/iDVD guru Jeff Carlson. Jeff helped revise the iMovie and iDVD chapters of my book, and I highly recommend his book.

HD for Indies
Great resource for anyone interested in high-definition video editing and independent filmmaking.

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Camcorders. Browse for camcorders and more.

Hard drives. Digital video devours disk space. You'll need more.