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This is the companion Web site to my book/DVD, published by Peachpit Press and Avondale Media. (Learn more.)

Readers and Reviewers Rave
"The best computer book ever, bar none."

"The hands-down best value ever. Clearly written and colorful and highly informative."

"Best supporting tech resource I've ever used."

"The best illustrations I've seen in a computer instructional book!"

"This is one of the best technical books I have ever read. The DVD is excellent as well."

"I almost skipped the DVD but am glad I didn't. It's very well done."

Find out what all the buzz is about.
Get your iTunes 4 and iPod Update, and see why this book is unlike any other.

If you're interested in the free iTunes 4 and iPod Update to The Macintosh iLife, you've come to the right place.

This 18-page, full-color update shares the same beautiful design of The Macintosh iLife book, and is filled with insights and tips on iTunes 4, the iTunes Music Store, and the new iPods. And it's free: my way of saying "thanks" to everyone who has participated in the grand experiment of combining a book and a DVD.

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The iTunes 4 and iPod Update is only a small part of the iLife story. To get the entire story, get your own copy of The Macintosh iLife book/DVD: 200 full-color pages and a companion DVD containing over 90 minutes of iLife tips and tutorials.

Patronize your local bookstore, or buy the book for up to 30 percent off from the Peachpit Press Web site.


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